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We'll make your rooms sound amazing, your systems work correctly, and keep your neighbours happy.

We are specialists in room preparation, speaker/room interaction, systems and boundary leakage. We will help you design or correct your audio environments, in all settings. We work in studios, performance spaces, classrooms, secure environments and entertainment venues.

We also work in domestic and other non commercial environments.


Room and system optimisation
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System integration
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About us

We are a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, consultants and project managers with decades of combined experience between us.

Halcyon Audio Consulting is many things, but primarily we are a specialist company operating in the audio visual sector as consultants, service engineers and system integration experts. Some of our specialities overlap, but overall we are the only company in the UK operating in our field.

  • We are vendor neutral – we suggest the best equipment for the job. We don’t take commision or discounts for equipment we specify
  • We’ve been doing what we do for a very long time; over 25 years
  • Most of our work is in professional audio, where science fact, not science fiction is what matters
  • We have a truly international client list, outside of Antarctica, there’s no continent we haven’t worked on
  • We’re qualified and accredited

We’re sure you’d agree that this is pretty impressive, but when you also count the time in studios, theatres and nightclubs around the world, there truly are few that can claim to have the knowledge and experience we have.

Lastly, we are passionate about what we do. All our clients, no matter where they are or what they do, know they can count on us and our expertise across the fields we work in to come up with the solution that is the right one for them. That to us, is all that matters.

Meet us

We love music and technology.
One day, we sat and looked at our shared interests and individual experiences. Creating Halcyon Consulting was a no-brainer, it only involved pooling our experience and competencies in a more formal way...

Mike Harlington

Founder - Principal consultant, acoustics - ISCVE

Mike has spent most of the past 30 years in business. In his time he’s owned security companies, been an internet pioneer and built a fibre network.
He’s been involved with the music industry since he was a kid, first as a performer then as an acoustic and audio-visual consultant.
Mikes client list is a veritable who’s who of the music industry, from super clubs to record breaking tours and pro studios. He is an authorised service agent with almost every professional sound equipment manufacturer in the world.
Describing himself as an audiophile, Mike believes that with the correct equipment and understanding any room can sound great, it takes a little knowledge, a sprinkle of skill and a lifetime of learning.

Nicolas Will

Nicolas Will

Founder - Principal consultant, integration and systems

Nico was bathed in Hi-Fi and technology from an extremely young age. He went on to develop his expertise for 20 years in the technology services sector. Moving from support, to engineering, marketing, sales and global business management, he has been there and done that.
Nico brings expertise in information technology, computer systems, security and telecommunications on top of his grounded and no-nonsense audio approach. There isn't much of what is digital that he doesn't have a deep knowledge of.
Nico will make sure that what you get is what you need, before and after installation. He is the geek who will make Halcyon deliver on its technology promise while you only enjoy the simple daily delights of music.

What our clients say

DJ Brandon Block

DJ Brandon Block

"I've known Mike for what must be nearly 25 years, I've played systems before he's been involved and after he's been involved.
Quite simply, if I was building a club, Mike would be the audio guy."

Thierry G.

Thierry G.

"Nico quite simply is the glue that made our project come together, remotely from the UK.
Nico made our houses in Dubai and then in Tanzania, literally "come alive" with the music."


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