Here are examples of previous projects.

They should give a good overview of our capabilities. Each came with its own challenges or requirements.

Don’t let the complicated diagrams daunt you. They show our value, as this what we do for you, you do not have to worry about it, technology is our domain, enjoying the music is entirely yours.

Big or small, there is no project that we are not interested in!

Mountain house, Washington State, USA

  • Rooms: 3
  • Software: Roon
  • Server: Intel NUC
  • Streamers: Raspberry Pi 3B
  • DAC: Allo Boss
  • Class D amplification: IQaudIO
  • Amplification: Pioneer
  • Speakers: B&W, Wharfedale, Polk Audio
  • Remotely monitored and maintained: yes
  • Main challenges: complete network roll-out, including re-termination of the wiring – keep it discreet

What do you gift the man who has close to everything? Multiroom Hi-Fi in the newly acquired vacation home!

The main room system had to remain as inconspicuous as possible, which mandated the use of small stand mounted speakers. We added an active subwoofer, which helped fill the space effectively. You would be surprised by how authoritative music can sound when driven correctly by a small class D amplifier!

The playroom system was set-up as a more mobile solution, for smaller rooms, or even temporary use outside. No subwoofer was required.

The “Man Loft” uses existing speakers and amplification, only a streamer was added. It packs a punch!

This project involved re-terminating the existing wiring and building a clean closet as we rolled-out the whole network infrastructure.

The music had to be stored locally. There is a poor Internet service in such an isolated area, it doesn’t allow streaming services to work with reasonable results.

The control of the whole installation is through the simple use of tablets, phones or a computer.

"I needed a unique gift for my husband’s birthday and a complete sound system was just perfect! Almost two years later we still love the ability to play music anytime. The flexibility and scalability of the system has allowed us to add or upgrade our library and components seamlessly, without having to know how it all works. Above all, the quality of the sound is truly amazing."
Marta B.
Seattle, USA

Family home, Dar Es-Salaam, Tanzania

  • Rooms: 5
  • Software: Roon
  • Server: Dell laptop
  • Streamers: Raspberry Pi 3B
  • DACs: HifiBerry
  • Amplification: Forte and Focal
  • Speakers: Tannoy and Focal
  • Remotely monitored and maintained: yes
  • Main challenge: fully remotely installed from another continent

This project was first integrated for use in Dubai, UAE. It then moved to Dar Es-Salaam.

The owner owned a stock of Focal equipment that was put into good use for the various secondary rooms. A set of classics from Forte and Tannoy provide a high dose of pleasure in the main listening room.

This project uses a large local music library, as no streaming service covers Tanzania.

The entire setup, including a complete network overall, was done entirely remotely, from another continent!

The control of the whole installation is through the simple use of tablets, phones or a computer.

Since we moved from the numerous sound systems around the house, using primarily materialised content (with some Bluetooth streaming) to our multiroom, fully dematerialised music, life has changed forever for the better. The family can enjoy either Jimi Hendrix’s guitar in the entire house or The Requiem in D minor in the living room and Bitch Lasagna in the kid’s bedroom… and of course now it’s shower time boogie every day.
Halcyon remotely (from the UK!) masterminded and executed the installation, which was smooth as silk; Halcyon Audio spared no efforts integrating our existing hardware (old-school acoustics and electronics as well as new multimedia gear) to match our music consumption needs and turning them into a working reality that has transformed our daily life.
Our system revolves around the Roon Labs music player and is remote-controlled by any connected device around the house (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). Access to valuable album reviews, artists information, and more on-line metadata is only clicks away, all within the same player.
The best news is that we could continue using all our existing (and loved) sound systems!
The system is periodically maintained (remotely) by the Halcyon Audio guys, we don’t even think about it, it just works day in and day out. Music is a great part of our life and we have suddenly discovered a new approach to listening to more pieces, more often and without compromise of sound quality or convenience.
A big thank you!
Thierry G.
Dar Es-Salaam, Tanzania

Family home, Malaga, Spain

  • Rooms: 5/6
  • Software: Roon
  • Server: Dell desktop
  • Streamers: Raspberry Pi 3B
  • DACs: IQaudIO
  • Class D amplification: IQaudIO, Sabaj
  • Amplification: Audiolab, Denon
  • Speakers: a lot!
  • Remotely monitored and maintained: yes
  • Main challenge: a lot of existing kit! Remote installation

This project started with the desire of making what can only described as “a massive pile of available kit” work in a sensible way, as one.

As you can see on the diagram, there is a great variety out there and many rooms!

Attention to quality was the primary concern within the music room of course, with 7.1 multichannel music capability in addition to standard stereo.

You will notice that video capabilities have been integrated with a mix of Amazon and Netflix services, augmented by Kodi and a set of TV tuners located a few thousand miles away giving access to British television channels. The lounge system also runs a full 5.1 system as well as stereo and is the main room in the system.

Centralised network storage is used for the large music library and video files.

The control of the whole installation is through the simple use of tablets, phones or computers.

The stereo systems have been acoustically optimised by Mike, using multi-band parametric equalisation, compensating limitations imposed by the equipment and rooms.

Family flat, London, UK

  • Rooms: 2
  • Software: Roon
  • Server: Intel NUC i5
  • Streamers: Raspberry Pi
  • Class D amplification: IQaudIO
  • Amplification: Audiolab, Denon
  • Speakers: Kralk Audio, Castle Acoustics, Wharfedale
  • Remotely monitored and maintained: yes
  • Main challenge: customised bedroom streamer, with volume button and infrared remote

This project covers two rooms using tight audio and video integration.

The lounge provides two differentiated worlds. The first is providing stereo music, while the other is a fully integrated, TV and local streaming, Kodi based video system with 7.1 sound (also usable for the occasional playing of  multichannel audio).

The bedroom is the same, with a TV and Kodi for video, TV, and a small customised stereo music system.

All the content (music, videos, TV tuners) is centralised. Both rooms benefit from that. Music can be played independently or in sync, the owners can start watching a movie in the lounge and then finish it from their bed.

The stereo systems have been acoustically optimised by Mike, through the use of multi-band parametric equalisation, compensating limitations imposed by the equipment and rooms.

Control is intuitive, using either phones and tables, or traditional infrared remotes. 

Oh, when we say “intuitive”, we mean it, a 2-year-old is literally fully capable of using it without instructions! This applies to all the work we do.

Bachelor pad, London, UK

  • Rooms: 3
  • Software: Google Play Music
  • Streamers with DAC: Google Chromecast Audio
  • Class D amplification: Sabaj
  • Amplification: Audiolab
  • Speakers: Kralk Audio, Wharfedale, TIBO
  • Smart home: Google Assistant
  • Remotely monitored and maintained: no, on-site support
  • Main challenge: embrace the Google ecosystem and staying within budget

We recently met a successful executive as he was moving into his new bachelor pad, coming from France. He had a desire for music in every room, and an eye for details and uniqueness.

The bedroom and office were set-up using a combination of affordable but extremely competent “Chi-Fi” class D amplifiers and small wall mounted speakers.

The lounge setup received special attention. We have selected a classic: an Audiolab 8000S integrated amplifier (with full maintenance and a few upgrades performed) for its dynamics and transparency. It is paired with loudspeakers from Kralk Audio, a boutique manufacturer providing bespoke, hand-made equipment, that sing with an ease and quality that defy the low price point. This is not a combination you will acquire from your local general audio vendor!

All music had to be streamed from a Google Play Music subscription. We have thus embraced the Google ecosystem by sourcing (unfortunately discontinued) Chromecast Audio streamers and Google Home Mini smart speakers for voice control.

“Hey, Google! Play some Jazz in the bedroom!”

Phones, tablets and the computer can also be used for a more traditional touch control.

Every system has been acoustically optimised by Mike, through the use of multi-band parametric equalisation, compensating limitations imposed by the equipment and rooms.

Have a read of our proposal presentation for this project.

Teenager's bedroom, Aberdeen, UK

  • Rooms: 1
  • Software: moOde audio player, Spotify
  • Streamers: Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • DAC: IQaudIO
  • Amplification: Rotel
  • Speakers: Q Acoustics
  • Remotely monitored and maintained: yes
  • Main challenge: very low cost

What do you gift the daughter who has… a growing interest in music? A system that will produce a clean output, way beyond bad earphones or mono bluetooth speakers!

This was a Christmas gift, which had to fit into a very low budget.

The amplifier came from eBay, at a ridiculously low price. New button caps were 3D printed, as most had gone AWOL. All the electrolytic capacitors were replaced (and upgraded in places). It now performs better than it did when new!

The speakers are also second hand, on stands procured from eBay, filled with sand for improved vibrations damping and bass control.

The streamer with DAC is running open source software (moOde Audio Player), proposing a small local library of music files, but also capable of Spotify Connect (Premium subscription), UPnP/DLNA, Apple Airplay and bluetooth!

Handmade, low cost (and very bling!) speaker cables complete the kit.

The control of the whole installation is through the simple use of a tablet, phone or computer.