Bespoke Hi-Fi throughout your home

No degree, no learning, no fiddling, simply working, all the time

What we do for you

Halcyon wants you to come home and enjoy music in the way that fits your lifestyle.

We will provide and integrate the technology and equipment to achieve that goal, as a turnkey solution, bespoke to your desires and needs, in the background.

We will even make sure, remotely and on-site, that everything keeps running perfectly.

Here is how we achieve our common goals:


You know what results you ultimately seek. We will make sure that we fully understand you, eventually suggesting improvements, caveats or alternatives. This is where requirements, scale, personal preferences, existing infrastructure and budgets are recorded. All this takes place in your home, which is, after all, where you will listen to your music.


This is our homework phase, where we use our experience and expertise to select the best technology, equipment and software for your purpose and your budget.
We will come back to you with a fully detailed proposal and project plan. No surprises!


Once all the parts have been ordered and delivered, here comes the fun stuff! We’ll put everything in place in your home, All the equipment will come in, the connections will be made, the configurations and customisation will be rolled-out, the testing will be performed. We always use our own homes as the benchmark, we know that trailing wires and messy layouts are not acceptable, everything has to look as well as sound beautiful.


We document everything, whether technical or operational. We never leave you in the dark.
We will spend extra time with you, making sure that you are comfortable in the driver’s seat when using the most intuitive controls available in the market.


Our best solutions allow us to remotely monitor the health of your system. We want to make sure that everything works to its best capabilities, all the time. Any slide in performance will be readjusted, any kink will be realigned, any software upgrades will be applied, mostly in the background, seamlessly.


Perfect performance and operations are not just a remote affair. We will arrange regular on-site visits and make sure that all is fine with the system. We always love a chat with you, and it’s a great opportunity to change the batteries in those remotes!

Why Halcyon Audio

We believe that everyone likes a bit, or even a lot, of music. We do not live our lives in a single room and so we also believe that listening to music should not be a one-room affair.

That being said, we understand that not everyone has the luxury of time or the knowledge needed to acquire, setup and maintain a modern audio system, especially if more than one room needs to be equipped. There are many off-the-shelf options available on the market, but let’s face it, few of them sound great and most are very expensive. They’re also closed systems seeking to keep you locked inside their little world.

We pride ourselves in our ability to come up with solutions that will closely match your desires and lifestyle. We have a track record of delivering integrated systems that are adapted to your preferences and home. We have experience ranging from small projects for a teenager’s bedrooms to much larger endeavours for successful entrepreneurs who want to escape daily pressure once back at home. Our portfolio is very varied, no project is too small or too challenging! Our background is providing solutions for commercially challenging environments.

We do not run away once a project has been installed and delivered. We go beyond this.

Digital and information technology have taken a strong foothold in the music domain and not everyone is an engineer… Therefore, we provide comprehensive remote monitoring for our most advanced systems. We also offer long-term on-site maintenance.

We are independent consultants, free to select any product or technology that will fit the requirements in front of us. We will never push any equipment or technology because of an agenda. This does not prevent us from having close relationships with a handful of carefully selected partners, each providing high-quality options and components that stray from the mainstream and that will adapt to your requirements.

We have deep knowledge of technology and anything audio, video and acoustical. Common sense is also a great driver of ours. Our deployments will always be using the best equipment and tools for the requirements. You do not need to be a millionaire to get great results. We are not into pseudo-science or wildly esoteric approaches. With that said, aesthetics and personal tastes can be valid requirements. Who doesn’t like nice-looking?

We will put our experience and expertise behind every project, whatever the size, and care for it as if it was meant for ourselves.