Design consultancy

We design sound, lighting and acoustic systems that are specifically designed with your space in mind.

A consultant is an expert who you hire to design your acoustics and sound & lighting systems. In the case of Halcyon Audio we also get involved with many of the current building related issues such as BB93.
Some consultants specialise in acoustics, while others specialise in sound system design. Halcyon Audio specialise in both along with the lighting aspect, many years working around a variety of venues has given us the experience to work in most areas.

A consultant needs a good technical education in his field, and a lot of experience designing sound systems for venues and performance spaces. The sound system consultant needs a solid understanding of both acoustics and electronics, as well as ongoing education to keep up with advances in the field.

The acoustic consultant will help your architect develop the shape and layout of your space. He or she will help choose the room finishes for the ceiling walls and floors in order to provide the room acoustics which are best for your venue.

The acoustic consultant will also work with the architect to make sure the venue is quiet including the HVAC systems.

A true consultant is independent of stores, contractors, and manufacturers. Many salesmen have begun calling themselves consultants, but they lack both the education and the independence to legitimately do so. They make their living on the profit or commission from sale of equipment and the labor to install it

One of the most important things a good consultant will have to do is help you make hard decisions during both the design and budget process. They should help you choose between different brands of equipment, and choose the best sound contractor in your area to sell and install your system. Put simply, you need expert, impartial advice. You need to be confident that he or she is technically correct, and is advising you in your best interests, not their own.


We advise you and help specify the acoustic, technical, audio and lighting systems you need in order for your space to work.

We advise on your kit list, we have a list of suppliers that we know do a good job and we can help you comply with the law on noise pollution requirements.

We can also have manufactured specific solutions for your venue on your behalf.

Because we are truly independent, we can specify equipment from many different manufacturers. We ensure that whatever equipment you think you may require actually fits in your space, performs as you think it should, is actually fit for purpose.

We make certain that all the equipment works together, is correctly rated, is going to work the way your venue needs it to.

We offer insight into how the room and the equipment in it work together and try to keep future maintenance issues to a minimum.

We can specify equipment that makes the most of your venue, listing approximate costs and times to install, ensuring your sound contractor(s) cannot take advantage of what equipment and deals make the best sense for them.


How do you know for sure that the equipment you’ve paid for is installed or even programmed correctly?

You don’t! We do.

We can ensure equipment is installed and configured correctly and we aim to ensure that you get the best value for money by giving you guideline pricing and installation times to work to.

We can work with your chosen sound or lighting contractors to ensure that all the “bits and pieces” are fitted together properly and are unlikely to fail from incorrect application. Most contractors we have worked with actually want us to work alongside them, they say that it ensures they don’t get unnecessary calls as we have been there and done it. Sometimes an extra pair of eyes and hands stops accidental mistakes dead…


If you have a problem with an installed system, we can help. We can tell you what is wrong and how to fix it.

Do you have a problem with a sound or lighting system? Are you sick and tired of calling the contractor back time and again?

Halcyon Audio can take an independent look and report back to you on our findings. We can also work alongside your contractor or replacement contractor to ensure problems simply don’t arise again.


Your local Environmental Health Officer may have a problem with your venue. You may a leakage of sound or lighting that’s causing you problems. We can help by working with the EHO in order to keep you and your venue working.

Halcyon Audio have a proven record of defending our clients against action by the local Environmental Health officials, we have regularly taken independent sound readings and avoided court action, or arranged for our clients to work alongside the local EHO’s where there are problems.

Our record speaks for itself, we’ve never lost a case nor have we ever had a client lose a licence after we have helped.


Most of all we are independent, we take the information supplied to us by the manufacturers and work for you.  We get no commission, no favourable deals and no further contracts by recommending equipment.  We simply take the information and the readings we obtain and put that into a logical and easy to understand format that makes the best of what is available to you.

You either choose to take our advice or leave it.  We offer nothing more than that.  We get paid by you, our client, to give clear, unbiased recommendations, designs and solutions.