Halcyon Audio works on a fee basis.

You pay for “days” on an ad hoc basis or retained basis.  Our rates are set, there is no negotiation, no discount, no early settlement figures.

Our rates include our time and a “day” is classed as 6-8 hours of work.  At the start of a contract we will give you a quote for our time and explain exactly what we cover for the time we quote.  Any extra work is chargeable, all our expenses are charged to you at face value.

We usually find that simple projects are between 1 and 3 days, ongoing projects are usually based on a monthly commitment.  Our “days” may not actually be a single day, they may be 2 half days but they will be calendared, pre- arranged dates.

The rates we charge are what we find works best for us and our clients.  Unless the work we do is very local to us, we will charge travelling plus any expenses such as tolls or tickets, we will always endeavour to travel the most cost effective way possible and we may combine trips with other site work to minimise your expense.  This may mean we travel by car, train or plane.

Hotels will always be booked where we are more than 3 hours from our local area; we try to book through either Premier Inns or Holiday Inns as we use discount schemes with both of these chains, we pass those savings on to you, the client.

We will always advise you in advance of our travelling and hotel arrangements, it may be that you are able to book for us at a better rate than we can locally or you have a relationship with a local hotel for example.  Providing we are accommodated to our standards we will be happy for you to do this.

We will always take full settlement for any days booked in advance, we will not travel to any location until we have received payment for our time and where necessary accommodation in advance.

You can expect to be charged in full for any consultancy fees of 3 days or less in advance.  Retained clients are usually charged monthly in advance for an agreed number of days.

We only have 100 “days” available to be booked each and every year; this allows us to ensure that our clientele have access to our services when they require them.  Please do not assume we have “space” for your project.

Reports, standard analytics and measurements are all included in the fee you pay to us.  We make no warranties if you do not follow our recommendations.

Likewise if you have any works completed that we are not aware of our work cannot be guaranteed.  We offer a fully bespoke service, in order to complete this; we must have open and honest contact with our clients.  It is worth remembering that even curtains and drapes affect and effect what we measure and report.

We know that this is thorough. We understand it may even be a little daunting, but we believe in budget with no nasty surprises. Our clients tell us that our way of working ensures that projects are completed on time.


The chart below is based around our standard charging matrix.

We have days (6-8 hours) and half days (2-4 hours). We work on a retained (long term or more than 4 days in any month) or non-retained (single contracts or days) basis.

We rarely discount. We never let our clients down. Our rates are subject to change, always giving you good value for your money.

Our rates also are almost always charged in advance. We never travel outside our local area unless we have been paid at least our travelling time and expenses as well as our accommodation in advance (you wouldn’t believe how often we used to have wasted journeys!).

Journeys are charged from Hull City centre and we always try to minimise the mileage and time.

Hotels are always standard double rooms per person, we will notify you in advance of our travelling and accommodation plans and give you the opportunity of booking suitable accommodation for us. We may however be combining trips so this may not be possible. If this is the case we only charge you for our time and travel from our last job.