Listening in a correctly balanced room makes all the difference to how your music sounds.

Hear the music, not the room!

If you are recording, mixing, mastering or even just listening, a neutral room is of the utmost importance. How will you know how your project sounds in the outside world if you cannot hear the actual music free from all the impurities that a room can impart?

The truth is, you shouldn’t have to. You need an expert to help you. Halcyon Audio help clients design rooms that work in harmony with the equipment and demands of the space, working towards a balance of functionality and sonic clarity.

Correct acoustics start and end with the room and how everything in that room adds or detracts from the neutrality.

We can design, build and equip a room to suit your requirements and budget. 

From basic stereo monitoring to multi channel mayhem, Halcyon Audio can get your room to sound open, neutral and honest. 


Audio design is a complex field. We believe that, with our experience and expertise, it’s possible to make any venue sound great.

Feel the music!

Good sound and good acoustics go hand in hand, but there are ‘tricks of the trade’ that allow experienced audio designers to use the equipment and acoustics they have available to maximise the sound achieved.

Of course good sound starts with the best possible source, correct amplification is essential. Monitoring is the last crucial element in the art of sound design. Every day we see sound systems running at less than optimal performance because of a lack of understanding of how speaker systems and amplifiers actually work.

Halcyon Audio has extensive knowledge of sound system design and installation, having worked with some of the largest sound systems in the world; we have the experience to get it right, first time.


Halcyon Audio cut its teeth in the highly charged world of nightclub lighting. We spent years touring with some of the biggest names of the nineties.

As former world ranking light jockeys you would expect our lighting design to be second to none. But because we are also trained by the majority of the manufacturers, Halcyon Audio has the capability to ensure that the right lights go in the right place.

Our lighting design has been seen around the world, from nightclubs to TV, from theatre to school productions. As DMX experts we know how the control systems work to enable you to get the best from your lighting.

Sound to light, light to sound, standalone, timed shows, architectural lighting, club lighting, can you really trust anyone else to specify and design possibly the single most important ambient element of your venue or production?